Custom filling...

The filling is an important part of your cushion and therefore requires close consideration. It is best to decide beforehand whether or not your cushions will be subjected to intensive use and whether they will stay outside in all conditions or only have to resist a rain shower. You can also choose between softer or firmer cushions. Foams (top and front) are covered with a 1cm coating of dacron to achieve that soft touch. supplies various high-quality cushion fillings: Choose from no fewer than 5 filling types, each in several models. Here are some of the options:

Firm model:

  • Polyether foam (D20 (back), D30 (seat+back) et D40 (seat))
  • High Resilience Foam (HR30 (back), HR45 and HR55 (seat))
  • Quick Dry Foam

Plump model:

  • Foam pieces
  • Micro Cluster Fibre

Polyether can be used for furniture, boat and caravan cushions. We work as standard with SG30, which is highly suitable for garden cushions and regular use. This filling will provide you with years of pleasure. If your cushions are intended for intensive use, then you had better opt for SG40. This filling is slightly firmer, but is suited to more intensive use.

We also offer high resilience foam. In addition to its extremely high resilience there is no risk of sagging in places that are continually sat on. This filling has an extremely long life. The price category is slightly above polyether.

Quick Dry Foam is water permeable and dries rapidly. This is a rubber-based filling, treated against mould and rot. The water runs straight through the cushion, as it were, so you can simply leave the cushions outside, even in a rain or snow storm. An extremely durable material, in other words, which is extremely comfortable to sit on. The price category is, however, higher (roughly double the price of polyether), so this material is most suitable if you are really planning to expose your cushions to extreme weather conditions.

Foam pieces is a foam based filling you also find in many decorative cushions. Cheaper and less suitable for seat cushions, but comfortable for back cushions. The volume does reduce in time, but the filling is fairly budget friendly.

Micro Cluster Fibre guarantees comfortable, plump cushions. The filling retains its shape for an extremely long time and can even be machine washed and tumble dried. Due to its special properties, hollow fibre is also often used in pillows, for an optimal night's sleep. Slightly more expensive than foam pieces filling.